photo of a coaxial power systems engineer servicing an electrical circuit

Maintenance Services provided by Coaxial Power Systems are a fast, easy and flexible cost effective solution for your needs.  We offer world wide engineer visits to repair and maintain equipment.  We also offer in house repair for smaller units when it is cheaper to return the unit than to send an engineer.

Coaxial Power Systems also offer a routine equipment service on all of its older systems.  

Service Includes:

  • Visual inspection of the equipment.
  • Electrical safety inspection of the equipment.
  • Replacement of PAST SERVICEABLE life parts and components.
  • Software re-flash if applicable.
  • Internal clean and external clean.
  • Analysis of your application system to potentially increase your products efficiency.

The service engineer who visits you will have 30+ years experience (minimum) working with RF related products.

Experienced engineers, cost effective solutions.

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