photo of a coaxial power systems dielectric heater

Coaxial Power Systems produce a range of 27.12MHz solid state generators which can replace existing free running oscillator valve technology.  The advantages are:

  • Precise RF power control from 0 – 100%.  Therefore a higher power system can be used for low power applications.
  • Continued load impedance monitoring during weld increases efficiency.
  • Only uses required power.
  • Ability to retrofit to existing presses.
  • Accurate and stable power output.
  • Arc shutdown feature to prevent damage to tooling and/or product during operation.
  • Variable Frequency tuning available to fast-tune for load requirements.


High frequency drying (stray-field) is a process for the removal of moisture from a wide range of materials including textiles, wood, tobacco and foodstuffs.

It is used particularly in the wood industry for laminating, joining, forming and glue curing offering an accelerated drying time and ease of product handling compared to other methods.

Dielectric (RF) Welding

The solid-state systems offered by Coaxial Power Systems can weld all the materials that a valve oscillator system can.  The solid-state generators offer a space saving alternative, which is cheaper to run and maintain, and can be retro fitted to existing presses.

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